Rules and Manners

altu matigaeta

  The rules and manners are same in your country basicly. But some are quite different. Writing down below the different points especially from ones of other country.

altu matigaeta

Silver seat
Lady's car

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altu matigaeta

Ski Snowboard


Search Rute & Price


Get a ticket   Kippu

 Ticketing machineJR East Ticketing machine

'Ticket' is called 'kippu' in Japanese, pronunciating 'kep' is easier for you, I think. We have the rules to change it to alphabet, so we must write like 'kippu' although it is more difficalt to read it for you.

Well, you can change language to English when you touch "English" on the right top of the screen. (red circle)

Insert money & choose the price of your fare.

This type of vendeing machine is normal recently in Tokyo.
Insert coin to the right (yellow circle), bill to the left (orange circle).

JR East Ticketing machine

When you insert money, the screen automatically changes to the list of the fare. Then choose your fare.

But this is the case of taking the same company's lines which we can total the faree togather.

Transfer Ticket   Norikae-Kippu

    Even if there is no transit to go by the same train, you do not always take one line. When you take two or more other railways company's line directly without transit, you must buy "transfer ticket". Transfer or Transit is called 'Norikae' in Japanese.

JR East Ticketing machine

On left side there are next categories,"JR Line Ticket", "Transfer Ticket", "Multiple Trip Ticket", "Super Express", "Discount Ticket" from its top.
(In the case of JR EAST's line)

Transfer Ticket is for taking two (or more) other railways companys.

It includes the case that your train directly goes to a few other company's lines without transit. Example for these case in Tokyo area below.

  • ODAKYU Line - TOKYO METRO Chiyoda Line - JR Joban Line
  • TOKYU Den-en-toshi Line - TOKYO METRO Hanzo-mon Line - TOHBUIsesaki Line
    TOKYU Meguro Line    TOEI-SUBWAY Mita Line
  • TOKYO METRO Hibiya Line - TO-BUIsesaki Line
  • KEIKYU Line - TOEI-SUBWAY Asakusa Line - KEISEI Line (HANEDA-NARITA Airport Line)
  • KEIO Line - TOEI-SUBWAY Shinjuku Line
  • SEIBU Ikebukuro Line _ TOKYO METRO Yu-rakuchow Line
    TO-BU To-jo Line           TOKYO METRO Fuku-toshin Line - TOKYU To-yoko Line - Minato-mirai Line
  • JR So-bu Line - TOKYO METRO To-zai Line

  • etc.

Choose the company

Then you need to touch "Transfer ticket" and choose the station & company which you transit( or the terminal and connecting station of your lines; Up to the machine).
Upper is the station, lower is the railway company.

Then you can see the list the fare from the station you choosed. Touch your fare and pay the total price.

 When you take more than 3 lines directly (transit more than twice), generally you cannot buy the triple transit ticket at one time (except IC card ticket). You need to adjust the price at station of your destination. Except going to Airport in Haneda-Narita Airport line; Keisei-Toei-Keikyu line. (Avaiable the ticket to Narita Airport from all keikyu stations, to Narita Airport from all Keisei stations. Then choose the Airport when you buy ticket). Because ...look below

 The machine of A line has the infomation of B line, but doesn't have one of C line. C line also desn't have one of A line, although B line has both A line and C line.

A Line - B Line - C Line   (All are the other company lines)

So you need to buy it until the final stationad of B line (=the first station of C line) and at your destination, adjust the price from the first station of C line when you go to A line to C line.

 When you take IC card in all your way, 'Suica' 'Pasmo' etc, you don't need do anything to adjust your fare although it is under 4 (company's) lines. So you don't need adjust in all case to ride in Tokyo area.It is convenient for you isn't it?

  But in the case you use both normal ticket and IC card, you need ask to the station staff to adjust it.

Multiple Trip Ticket   Kaisu-Ken

Tokyu line ticket

 If you go to same way, there is the ticket you can get some discount. This is Multiple Trip Ticket, called 'Kai-Suu-Ken' in Japanese. There is 2 types. one is a type that you need to decide departure and destineation. This is provided by almost private lines in Tokyo area except Tohkyu line. Another one is a type that you choose the fare. You can use it in any section of your fare. It is provided by JR line (from 17 March 2012), Tohkyu Line, Tokyo Metro, Toei-lines, most of private lines in Kansai (Osaka & Kyoto) area.

Tokyu line ticket

Upper one is a 'kai Suu ken' ticket deciding departure and destination. This ticket is availavle inside of section you choosed. When you go outside of your section by this ticket, you need adjust your fare, but you must pay all fare from your distination (or departure).

Lower one is a Kai-Suu-Ken of chooseing fare. This is available of all section of your choosed fare or less. When you take it more than your fare, you pay only the ballance between real fare and your fare of the Kai-Suu-Ken.

Tokyu line ticket

There is also three kinds in both Kai-Suu-Ken.

Normal kai-Suu-Ken
Buy 10, get 11 tickets
Alltime avialable

Off-peak Kai-Suu-Ken
Buy 10, get 12 tickets
10am to 4pm checking on weekday and alltime on Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday available

Weekend Kai-Suu-Ken
Buy 10, get 14 tickets
alltime on Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday available

Tokyu line ticket

Express Ticket   Tokkyu-Ken

Tokyu line ticket
Tokyu line ticket

Discount Ticket   Waribiki-Ken

Checking in   Kaisatsu

Checking machine

This is a chicking machine.

There are 3 ways, exclusively in lane, out lane and changable both lane.

Checking machine

There are also two types. One is only for electric IC ticket. Other is for both IC card & magnetical paper (normal) ticket.

IC ticket is PASMO or SUICA in Tokyo area. And also Mobile phone with the ability of 'OSAIFU KEITAI (Mobile Wallet)' is available. It takes the electric money 'Edy'. They use it just same as the IC card. Then touch it on the sencer, although you may feel it strange.

Checking machine

 When you have paper ticket, insert it in the place marked yellow circle.
Then it goes out from the place marked red circle.

 When you take IC ticket, just touch it on the place marked blue circle.

 In the case taking an Express train with surcharge, you may have two or three tickets. Then you need insert just a ticket printed normal fare on its face to the checking machine.

 In the case taking Shinkansen, also you may have a lot of tickets. Then you need insert both tickets of normal fare and Express surcharge to the checking machine. But don't insert the ticket of the reserve seat surcharge and 'Green-seat(first class seat)' surcharge. If your ticket is just one (normal fare and express surcharge togather), it's ok to insert one ticket.