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  It is standard that the travelers use a Pre-paid cell phone in the world, but it is not in Japan. When the foreigner contract with mobile phone they are normally required not only a passport but also a Japanese permanent ID. This depends on "Act for Identification, etc. by Mobile Voice Communications Carriers of their Subscribers, etc. and for Prevention of Improper Use of Mobile Voice Communications Services" (Link: English(PDF)   English-Japanese). So actually mobile phone is not available for the temporary visitors in Japan except using 'International roaming', 'Rental phone' and 'Pre-mobile by SoftBank'. But it is available even for the foreign temporary visitors to contract portable mobile internet modem without talking function. These are provided by b-mobile and E MOBILE and Wimax etc, and they have some special service for them. We recommend that you do them and use the free phone application like Skype.
  And you must know that Japanese Mobile system is W-CDMA, so GSM mobile phone is not available in Japan.