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SAKURA    Cherry blossom

 Sakura is one of the most popular tree in Japan.
It has flowers for only appoxi 10 days in Spring, at the end of March to begining of April in Tokyo area (in case of Major Kind "Somei-Yoshino"). Sakura has lots of kinds, Kawazu-sakura Kan-zakura(early), Somei-Yoshino Shidare-zakura(normal), Yae-zakura Yama-zakura(late),etc.

      Photo-gallary : Sakura in 2011 at Onda river



 This is one of major grass with purple flower in early spring, a relative of Panzy but naturaly growing in only East Asia. This is often named as a name for girls. There is a lot of Japanese girls haveing a name "Sumire xxxx ".


Tsukushi    Horsetail

This is a spore stem of the fern, named "Sugina", a relative of "Horsetail" grass. This grows up in very early spring. We pick it up and eat it boiling with soy-source although we find it rarely in Tokyo region recently.


Nanohana    Enderstem broccoli

 Nanohana is also popular flower in spring. It makes yellow on the ground, specially cultiveting field before planting. We extracted oil from this long years before. And people in some region eat this as vegetables. Although it was normal scenery in spring with Sakura and seen in all parts of Japan, with decrease of the cultivated fields, it became unusual in Tokyo area recently. By the way having the comversation with Japanese about spring you need mind that there is the case Nanohana means all yellow flowers of Spring grasses.


Haru-no-nanakusa    7 spring herbs

  Haru-no-nanakusa means the exemplary flowers of grass in Spring. It's called by the old names "Seri, Nazuna,gogyo, Hakobera, Hotokenoza, Suzuna, Suzuriro". Now we call that Nazuna is Penpen-gusa, Suzuna is Kabu(Turnip), Suzushiro is Daikon(White radish). We have a costom to eat them put in boiled rice "Okayu" in 7th January every year. It is called "Nanakusa-gayu".

somei-yoshino kan-zakura kan-zakura kan-zakura Shidare-zakura Shidare-zakura Shidare-zakura Shidare-zakura Shidare-zakura Kawazu-zakura Kawazu-zakura Kawazu-zakura Kawazu-zakura yaezakura somei-yoshino somei-yoshino somei-yoshino somei-yoshino Sumire Sumire Tsukushi Tsukushi Tsukushi Tsukushi Tsukushi nanohana nanohana nanohana nanohana nanohana nanohana nanohana nanohana nanohana nanohana